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Marine Gloss Wooden Boat Paint

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Supplyshed Marine Gloss Wooden Boat Paint

  • Supplyshed Marine Gloss Wooden Boat Paint has been tried and tested for over twenty years in extreme environments.

  • Suitable for above and below the waterline. Interior & exterior use
  • Leaves a very durable high gloss finish that can be applied with a brush, or roller.
  • Over covers most other paint types, for best results when using Gloss wooden boat paint, use Supplyshed Wooden Boat Undercoat and Wood Primer on bare wood.
  • White spirit based for easy brush cleaning.
  • Exceptionally good value -NO expensive thinners required.
  • Available in a range of colours.

How to paint a Wooden boat 

Before using Supplyshed Marine Gloss Wooden Boat Paint. Wash down using Supplyshed Prepaint Boat Cleaner. This can save hours of sanding ad will render surfaces clean and free of grease. All existing paint should be flattened back before applying one coat of wood prime on any bare wood. When dry apply one coat of undercoat followed by Gloss Wooden Boat Paint. Always allow paint to fully dry between applying coats. 1 litre should cover 10 to 12 sq metres depending on surface conditions etc.

This Paint is suitable for above and below waterline use. (NB. if the boat is stored in the water all year round Anti-foul should be used below the water line). It leaves a very durable high gloss finish that can be applied with a brush, or roller. This Boat Paint will over covers most other paint types. For best results use the correct undercoat colour for your top coat colour choice.

Always use White Spirit for brush cleaning.

To get the best out of your paint we recommend that you use the most suitable undercoat per colour in preparation. Please see below:

  • Black Paint – use grey undercoat
  • White Paint – use white undercoat
  • Battleship Grey – use grey undercoat
  • Flame Red – use poppy red undercoat
  • Bright Yellow – use satinwood undercoat
  • Marigold – use yellow undercoat
  • Tangerine – use yellow undercoat
  • Forest Green – use grey undercoat
  • Oxford Blue – used grey undercoat
  • Midnight Blue – use grey undercoat
  • French Blue – use grey undercoat


A high quality finish designed for application to super structures, topsides, masts and deck fittings over Supplyshed Marine Undercoat. It is non-yellowing and highly resistant to weather, sunlight and salt spray. Marine Gloss is suitable also for use on interior surfaces in accommodation areas, alley ways, galleys, etc. Colour: See BS4800 Colour Card. See Health and Safety Precautions.

Drying Times @ 20 OC:
Surface Dry: 4 hours
Hard Dry: 12 hours Overcoating: 16 hours

Covering Capacity
Theoretical: In range 10.3 – 17.2 sq. metres per litre, depending on colour and film thickness.
Practical: Figures will be lower and will depend on the type of structure, application techniques and prevailing conditions.
Wet Film Thickness: 61-93 microns
Dry Film Thickness: 25-38 microns

Solids by Volume: 39 – 44% according to colour.

Flash Point: >41OC

Thinners: TH1 Cleaning Solvent: White Spirit Substrates: Suitably primed wood.

PLEASE NOTE: The above figures are given as a guide only and may vary with temperature and method application.

Health & Safety Precautions
Toxicity: The solvent vapour is not highly toxic but inhaling the vapours, particularly in enclosed situations, can result in giddiness or nausea. The effects are temporary and avoided by adequate ventilation.

Care must be taken to avoid ingestion of the paint. This can result in a cumulative poisoning effect. When using, operatives should not eat, drink or smoke. Hands should be washed very thoroughly before food or drink is consumed. If the paints are applied by spray, operatives must be adequately protected.

Fire Risk: The vapours are flammable and no naked lights of any kind can be allowed in the vicinity.

SMOKING MUST BE PROHIBITED ** These figures are given as a guide only and may vary with temperature and method of application. The information contained herein together with the suggestions for use and application is, to the best of our knowledge, true and reliable. Since conditions of application and use are beyond our control, no warranty is expressed or implied in respect of these recommendations or products. Users are recommended to carry out confirmatory tests to check the suitability of products for their specific use.


Brush or Roller. For spray application contact our Technical Department for further advice.

Surface Preparation
Wood: Surfaces should be scraped to remove dirt and loose and flaking paint. Sound painted areas should be well matted down and edges bevelled off. Areas of bare wood should be given one coat of Supplyshed Primer for wood. The entire surface should then be given one coat of Supplyshed Marine Undercoat, followed by Supplyshed Marine Gloss Wooden Boat Paint.


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