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Marine Boat Yacht Varnish Gloss

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Marine all weather clear Yacht Varnish 750ml or 1 Litre.

  • A rapid drying colourless varnish which dries to a tough durable film with outstanding gloss retention.
  • It is resistant to sun, fresh and sea water, petrol and lubricating oils.
  • Can be used on bare wood or for re-varnishing.
  • Traditional white spirit formulation for easy application and professional finish.


Colour: Clear Drying Times @ 20 OC: Tack Free: 1 – 2 hours
Hard Dry: 6 – 8hours Overcoating: 16 hours
Covering Capacity: Theoretical: 13sq. m/l at 25 Microns Dft
Practical: Figures will be lower and will depend on the nature of the surface, the application technique and prevailing conditions.

Wet Film Thickness: 7- 90 microns
Dry Film Thickness: 25-30 microns
Solids by Volume: 33.6%
Flash Point: >40OC
Thinners: TH.1 (WHITE SPIRIT)
Substrates: Wood

PLEASE NOTE: The above figures are given as a guide only and may vary with temperature and method of application.

Health & Safety Precautions
Toxicity: The solvent vapours are not highly toxic, but inhaling the concentrated vapours for sometime can result in giddiness and/or nausea. The effects are temporary and avoided by good ventilation.
Fire Risk: The solvent vapours are flammable and no naked lights should be allowed in the vicinity. SMOKING MUST BE PROHIBITED

* These figures are given as a guide only and may vary with temperature, porosity of substrate, and method of application.

The information contained herein together with the suggestions for use and application is, to the best of our knowledge, true and reliable. Since conditions of application and use are beyond our control, no warranty is expressed or implied in respect of these recommendations or products. Users are recommended to carry out confirmatory tests to check the suitability of products for their specific use.


Surface Preparation
The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure freedom from all contamination. For all wood whether previously varnished or not abrade to smooth surface with 240 grade wet/dry paper along the grain. Remove residues by vacuum cleaner and dust wipe. “Oily” wood such as Teak and Iroko should be wiped down with White Spirit. If old varnish requires removal use mechanical means not paint remover.

For all types of new wood it is recommended the first coat is thinned.

FOR SOFT WOOD add 10% by volume of White Spirit as a sealer coat. Follow by top coats at full strength.

FOR HARD WOOD add 20-50% White Spirit for first sealer coat followed by second sealer coat thinned 10-25% with White Spirit. The more dense the wood the more severe the thinning required. Ensure over coating times are adhered to. Light sanding between coats will be beneficial.

Do not apply varnish whilst surface is exposed to direct sunlight. For all areas previously varnished clean with White Spirit and abrade. Sealers are not normally required.


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