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Etch Primer for Galvanised Metal prior to painting

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Granville Galvanised Etching Primer – 1 Litre

To promote adhesion of paint to Galvanised panels, sheeting and garage doors etc.

Galvanised Primer
Granville Galvanised Metal Primer is a primer system specifically designed for use on galvanised metal and zinc alloy surfaces where it will provide improved adhesion for a wide variety of coating systems. Granville Galvanised Metal Primer can be overcoated with most water borne or solvent borne topcoats, Granville Aquacote and Granville Hammered and Smooth Metal Finish Paints are particularly recommended as a topcoat systems for this product.

Suggested Uses:
Granville Galvanised Metal Primer has been successfully used as a primer system on Zinc sprayed, dipped and continuous galvanised metal surfaces, i.e. garage doors, railings, gantries and walkways etc.

It is essential that new galvanised steel is thoroughly degreased prior to painting to remove oil and grease present in the surface. This is best carried out by washing the surface with a suitable solvent i.e. white spirit. Where this is not possible or practical the surface should be thoroughly washed using a suitable detergent, then washed with water and allowed to dry.

the product should be applied directly from the container by brush or sponge pad, please note that due to the acidic nature of this product it should not be applied by spray equipment. Once applied the product will react with the surface to produce a black coating. On certain types of galvanised steel a further application of Granville Galvanised Metal primer may be required to achieve this even colouration. Once the product has dried the surface should be thoroughly washed with clean towns water and allowed to dry before overcoating with the desired top coat.


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